Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Help Us Help You with CDT

With the release of the latest Eclipse 3.6 and CDT 7.0 in Helios we on the CDT team have taken a deep breath, stepped back, and looked hard at what the needs of C/C++ developers will be for the Indigo release next year. We already have some good ideas which you can read here, but we wanted to hear from everyone, not just those on the CDT mailing list.

With that in mind, Marc-Andre Laperle took the time to put together a small survey for everyone to help us determine the priorities for CDT 8.0 development. If you can take a moment, go to the SurveyMonkey site and give us your input. We'd very much appreciate the input.

Also, note the nifty new project logo for the CDT Project, contributed by Andrée-Anne Boisclair. You can view all the variations here.