Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Simple Cheat Sheet Editor Rocks!

So, as one of the first things I decided to contribute to the CDT project were updated tutorials, preferably ones that used cheat sheets and integrated a little better with Eclipse. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the Simple Cheat Sheet Editor. It took less than an hour to convert the original basic and import tutorials to cheat sheet format. And the inclusion of the new Command Composer made linking to wizards and dialogs a breeze. I hope links to the Command Composer are extended into editing of HTML and XML files to make the quick addition of commands to doc pages just as simple.

I'm curious why there is so little use of cheat sheets in Eclipse?

I know in our product documentation my initial idea was to convert every task in the manual into a cheat sheet and call it done. At that time I had little idea of how cheat sheets worked. I simply knew they existed. After awhile though it became obvious that we didn't want to use cheat sheets for every task, but only for those semi-complex or complex tasks that were hard to remember. So we ended up with only a couple of them in the finished product.

And now they're even easier to create, so I urge anyone who thought having a cheat sheet for their product/plug-in would be a good idea to take a second look and give it another try. You might be surprised.

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Mike said...

The UA team and PDE team thank you for you kind complements. Please enjoy and let us know if you see any room for additional improvement. Thanks again.