Monday, February 11, 2008

Help Improvements Keep Coming

With the release of 3.4 M5 there is now a Context Help editor to accompany the Table of Content editor previously released. Nice!

For one that works on a product's help material it's really great to see more support inside Eclipse for creating and managing help content. Using Dreamweaver is fine but there is no way to really do quality control without a lot of manual testing. Having an editor for the material decreases the number of mistakes that can creep into an edit, which means I can deliver the docs Carbide needs faster and with more accuracy than before. w00t!

And in conjunction with Plug-in Spy the creation, verification, and deployment of help has become much more robust. Still owe Chris Aniszczyk a few beers for adding Help Context IDs to Plug-in Spy which has made the "where'd the context ID break" game played here simply go away.

Maybe I can pay up at EclipseCon.

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Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

I take beers or votes for your favourite Top Committer at Eclipse ;)